• A female ORS and/or RJOS member in good standing
  • Students and Post-Graduate Trainees are eligible
  • The abstract must be original work and eligible for submission, candidate must be the first author
  • The material contained within the abstract must not be the subject of prior significant award(s) or prize(s)
  • The score of the abstract will be taken into consideration and should be in the top 5% of the abstracts submitted
  • Award recipient will not submit her work for eligibility for any
    “relative awards” (i.e. ORS/OREF Travel Awards in Orthopaedic Research Translation) for same or directly related work during the same year as receiving this new ORS/RJOS award


  • Attend and present her work at the ORS/RJOS Annual Meeting
  • RJOS to provide $1,000 award to the winners to attend the ORS Annual Meeting and RJOS Annual Meeting; to cover travel expenses.
  • Waive ORS Annual Meeting registration fee and the RJOS Annual Meeting registration fee.

Abstracts must be submitted by August 26, 2024.

The Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society (RJOS) and the Orthopaedic Research Society will collaborate to promote and support young female investigators in field of orthopaedic research. Both the RJOS and the ORS are aligned in their missions to promote women in orthopaedic research, science, and practice. Therefore, this award represents the synergy of female leadership in the act of inspiring the younger generation of women in the field.

2024Annemarie Lang
2022Angela Papalamprou
2021Jensen Henry
Zeynep Seref-Ferlengez
2020Zhaoyang Liu
Linshanshan Wang
2019Sarah Gullbrand
Xi Lin
2018Nguyen Gewn Huynh
Sophia Ziamian
2017Diana Olvera
2016Linda Vi
2015Chantal M. de Bakker