Dr. Eve Donnelly is an Assistant Professor in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University, where she joined the faculty in 2012. She received her BS and MS in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. In 2007 she received her PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University. Dr. Donnelly was awarded an NIH Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award for her postdoctoral fellowship to study the effects of bone tissue mineral and matrix properties on fracture incidence at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Research Interests

Dr. Donnelly studies the effects of tissue mineral and matrix properties on the material and structural behavior of bone. Recent work has focused on characterizing disease- and treatment-induced changes in the properties of mineral and collagen and relating these changes in bone tissue composition to fracture risk. In particular, recent projects have addressed two diseases that result in compromised bone quality: osteoporosis and type II diabetes. The long-term goals of Dr. Donnelly’s work are to identify the material factors that contribute to the integrity of healthy skeletal tissues and to improve prediction of structural failure and treatments that may restore function to diseased tissues.

Career and Recent Highlights

Dr. Donnelly received the New Investigator Recognition Award from the ORS in 2009 and the Alice L. Jee Memorial Young Investigator Award in 2007 for her work on imaging primary cilia in tendon. In 2010 she received the ASBMR Young Investigator Award, and in 2013 she received the ASBMR Harold M. Frost Young Investigator Award for her work on bisphosphonate-induced changes in material properties of osteoporotic bone.

Dr. Donnelly has recently received two grants supporting her team’s efforts to improve the understanding of material and structural properties in patients with compromised bone quality. These include an NIH/NIAMS grant, 1K01AR064314-01 entitled “Nonenzymatic glycation, bone quality, and microdamage in type 2 diabetic bone”, and the ASBMR Junior Faculty Osteoporosis Research Award entitled “Spectroscopic and biochemical markers of bone quality in patients with atypical femoral fractures”

The Women’s Leadership Forum would like to congratulate Dr. Donnelly on her tremendous achievement.