The ORS Awards and Recognition Committee will make the determination of how many applicants will be funded and the total dollar amount awarded to each applicant. The maximum grant amount is $5,000 per grant.


  • An applicant must be an ORS member* in good standing. ORS members living outside the US are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications will be accepted from applicants at all stages of their career.
  • The period of exchange is expected to be for a minimum of 2 weeks and may be spread over more than 1 visit. Support for longer periods of exchange are also welcomed.

*Note: If you are not a member of the ORS, but would like to apply to be eligible for this grant, visit our membership section of the website for an application.


A complete submission package is due at the time of application. A submission package must include:

  • A letter (maximum 2 pages) outlining the purpose of the visit, including a brief description of the area of intended collaboration, and the likely knowledge/skill, or collaborative outcome anticipated by the visit, and what impact the visit will likely have on their career
  • A 2-page biosketch
  • A letter from the hosting institution confirming support for the visit/exchange
  • A completed budget form indicating the level of funding requested and a breakdown of the costs into travel, accommodation, and living expenses (Please use this budget template.)

Successful applicants must submit a brief report of the outcome of your exchange visit, indicating the research benefits you achieved through the grant. This summary may be included in an ORS newsletter and other promotional material.

Deadline for applications: The Call for Submissions is Now Closed.

The ORS is dedicated to fostering orthopaedic research through supporting interaction between research institutions. Towards this goal, the ORS is pleased to offer the ORS Collaborative Exchange Grant. This grant was established in 2010 to provide investigators at any stage of their career an opportunity to visit a research lab for the purpose of collaboration and knowledge exchange. The grant can be used towards travel, accommodation, and living costs for investigators to visit research institutions to foster collaboration in orthopaedic related-research areas and to facilitate the exchange of new research methodologies and techniques.

Recipient 1Recipient 2Recipient 3
2024Stephanie ConeEvan Buettmann
2023Rouhollah Mousavizadeh, PhDPerla Reyes Fernandez, PhD
2022Jonathan A. GustafsonMichael D. Harris, PhD
2021Frank Ko, PhDShreedevi Kumar
2020Jennifer C. Coulombe
2019Christian ParisiMichael Duffy
2018Daniel YoungstromKimberly Curtis
2017Riccardo GottardiIrene Simfia
2016Petri TanskaAmeet AiyangarDevon Anderson
2015Virginia FergusonDominik Haudenschild
2014Bingyun LiRon June
2013Adetola AdesidaVirginia Kraus
2012Damian GenetosEvelyn Birmingham
2011Rachel MillerNam Vo

For more information contact the ORS office at [email protected].