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Advancing advancement and interchange of science of fracture repair and its application to the improvement of patient care worldwide.

About the Section

The Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) and the International Society for Fracture Repair (ISFR) are proud to announce their new partnership and the establishment of the ORS International Section of Fracture Repair (ORS ISFR).  This collaboration allows both organizations to combine their collective resources and move forward together to ensure the growth in the field of Fracture Repair.

Section Mission

The section is a community of individuals from around the world who are dedicated to the advancement and interchange of science of fracture repair and its application to improvement of patient care.

To present section priorities and accomplishments to the section membership

To educate on focus topics of interest to section membership

To advance knowledge, consensus and best practices in fracture research

To provide cross-disciplinary networking opportunities in fracture research

To promote interactions and collaboration among section members at varying stages in their careers and specifically to provide educational and networking forum for trainees with interest in fracture repair

Accountability and transparency within our academic communities and with the public

To cultivate and provide leadership in promoting excellence and innovation in fracture repair research and related sciences

Responsiveness to leading champions and young investigators to the field of fracture repair

To provide an educational and collaborative forum promoting educational excellence and scientific objective values

To coordinate activities and programs relating to fracture repair for the parent organization, committees, and agencies.

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