The mission of the ORS ISFR is to advance the science of bone biology, bone regeneration, fracture healing/repair, and trauma leading to improved patient care.

About the Section

The society previously known as the International Society for Fracture Repair (ISFR) dissolved in 2017 and merged with the ORS to form the ORS International Section of Fracture Repair (ORS ISFR).  The formation of this research section brings the strengths of the ORS and the ISFR together to combine their collective resources and move forward together to ensure the growth in the field of Fracture Repair.

ORS ISFR Core Values

Scientific excellence

Primary Research Areas

Bone Biology
Bone Regeneration
Fracture Healing/Repair


GOAL 1: Provide a worldwide forum, resources, and tools to our research community
GOAL 2: Have a strong international and diverse membership within the ORS ISFR research community
GOAL 3: Increase international awareness of ORS ISFR and the importance of research in our field
GOAL 4: Build a solid internal foundation to support the ORS ISFR mission