The North American Spine Society has been selected to be our 2024 Guest Clinical Society. Bringing our organizations together in our Guest Clinical Society program will strengthen and improve collaboration toward our common goals.

Spotlight Speaker

Richard L. Skolasky, Jr. ScD

Johns Hopkins University

Patient Reported Outcome Measures Used to Identify Risk Factors and Track Recovery Following Spine Surgery

Sunday, February 4 
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm 

Thinking Outside the Box: Exploring Innovative Solutions to Unmet Clinical Needs in Spine
(In collaboration with the ORS Industry Alliance Committee, ORS Innovation Committee and ORS Spine Section)

Neharika Bhadouria, MS, Dino Samartzis, DSc, Gabriela Graziani, MEng, PhD

Spinal diseases present considerable therapeutic hurdles and despite breakthroughs in surgical procedures, implants, and imaging modalities, a large group of patients continue to suffer from chronic pain and impairment following existing treatment. There is an increasing demand for regenerative, non-invasive, or minimally invasive techniques for treating spine problems. There is also a strong need for computational modeling and artificial intelligence-driven pain and degeneration management. In addition, many important topics, such as managing pain, gender-based pathology, and therapy response based on precision remain largely unsolved. This symposium will help in identifying unsolved clinical spine-related problems that require cross-disciplinary expertise and creative collaborations. After the presentations by distinguished speakers from both industry and academia, a brief panel discussion will take place. During the discussion, attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.


Spine biologics –changing the landscape of new and old spine treatments
Zorica Buser, MD, Gerling Institute

Transforming scientific discoveries into entrepreneurial ventures: The journey ‘from bench to bedside’ 
Mark Erwin, MD, University of Toronto

Rebuilding life brick by brick: Journey of patients suffering from chronic back pain
Rowley G. Hazard, MD, Dartmouth College

Revolutionizing the spine treatment: Say goodbye to back pain
Ben Goss, MD, Mainstay Medical

Orthopedics on the cutting edge: Exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence – game-changer or risky move?
Dino Samartzis, DSc, Rush University